Tether Android without root access

I found this app on the Android Market called Easytether. It shares your Android phone Internet connection with your laptop or PC. This app does not require root access and it is supported on Windows XP/Vista/7 , MAC and Linux.

There are two versions of this app the Lite version and the paid version. There are limotations to the lite version such as: SSL traffic and PPTP VPN connections are not allowed...

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Can’t find Skype on Android Market?

I had this same problem. I reset my phone one day and lost the Skype beta app I had. Fortunately when I logged into the Market it was in my list of downloads and let me download and install it again. I was fortunate to get it back but I never did see it in the market after that. 

I thought to myself I better back this application up or I might lose it for good...

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