DPM “Replica is inconsistent” “Recovery point creation failed”

In DPM 2007 I kept getting  “Replica is inconsistent” “Recovery point creation failed” errors on some of my protected members. You can see further details of the errors below and suggested solutions.



Here are some steps I tried to resolve the issue.


1 Right click on the protected member with the error and perform a consistency check. (Did not work)

2 Checked the storage pool on my DPM server under management>>disks



as you can see there is plenty of free space.

3. I then looked at my recovery points and noticed they were not being removed after 7 days like I specified them to be in the protection group settings. I then tried several scripts and ways to remove the old ones that were past 7 days. This did not solve the above errors either.


I was puzzled as to why these kept failing. I started working with Microsoft support on this issue. I learned that the page file size on my DPM server needed to be set much larger in order for DPM to back up the volumes properly. Here is the page file formula they gave me:


Page file on the DPM server = RAM x 1.5 + (0.2 x total_recovery_volume_size)


I also had to increase the Recovery Point Volume  on some of my protected members. Be sure the Replica Volume & Recovery Point Volume have enough allocated space to them. These seem to increase over time.



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