Move a protected server from one DPM to another DPM

If you are in an environment with multiple DPM servers the need may come across to move a protected server from one DPM server to another. This is a relatively easy process and I will describe the steps on how to do this in this post.

  • On the old DPM server you need to go into the DPM admin console and remove the protected server that you want to move from protection. You will need to go to the Protection tab and stop protection.


You will then need to go to the Management area and the Agents tab and disable to protection agent.


  • Now go to the protected server and re-point the DPM agent to the new DPM server. Here is how you can set the agent to the new DPM server: Open an elevated command prompt and navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin once you are in this directory run the command:

SetDpmServer.exe -dpmServerName YOURDPMSERVERNAME

  • Now go to the new DPM server open the DPM Management Shell (DMS) and type: 


That should wrap it up. Your protected server now is pointed to the new DPM server and the new DPM server knows it is protecting your server.

If you run into issues with the agent on the protected computer communicating with the new DPM server do these to troubleshoot: try  restarting your protected computer, make sure the firewall on the protected server and the new DPM server are set correctly, make sure the old DPM server and the new DPM server are at the same patch level to ensure the same agent versions are used. 

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2 thoughts on “Move a protected server from one DPM to another DPM”

  1. Hi xlntec,

    There is not really a good way to do this. Your best option is to follow the steps in this blog post and leave this data inactive until you no longer need to restore from it then decommission the DPM server. The other option you have is to setup your other DPM server as a secondary DPM server add the protection group from your first DPM server and then switch protection.

    See this forum thread for more into:

    I hope that answers your question.

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