Remove SIP & Pool Info from AD accounts

I recently moved from OCS 2007 to Lync 2010. We decided to remove the OCS 2007 deployment and start over fresh with Lync as OCS was deployed before our time and did not seem like a clean deployment. When uninstalling we ran into some errors when un-prepping the forest and domain using LCSCmd.exe. We did get OCS uninstalled so we decided to move forward.

I was able to get Lync 2010 deployed just fine. However when I went to add users that existed on the OCS 2007 deployment to the new Lync 2010 pool and Lync would not let me add them

Lync gave an error message of “Filter failed to return unique result, “[SipAddress: sip:]” due to their Active Directory accounts having the old SIP address and pool information on them.


What I did to fix this is removed the old pool and SIP address from the accounts of the users in Active Directory. Here are the steps:

Open Active Directory Users and Computers>>> click View on the menu and select Advanced Features>>> go to the OU the users are located in>>> Right click on your user and chose properties>>> click on the Attribute Editor Tab>>> Scroll down and look for msRTC* attributes>>> select msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress (SIP Address) click edit…click the Clear button


and then find msRTCSIP-PrimaryHomeServer (This is the old OCS pool) select it…click edit…click the Clear button.


Also locate msRTCSIP-User Enabled and change this to “Not Set”.

Clearing this Attributes will allow you to go back into Lync 2010 and add the users to the pool with their current SIP Address.

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