Backing up Applications with DPM

We all know that DPM can protect basic Windows Servers 2003 through 2008 R2 including files, folders, and critical server components like system state and do BMR’s of servers. DPM can also protect Windows application specific workloads. I often see confusion or questions in forums about the applications that can be protected natively by DPM. In this post I will set out to list the applications DPM protects natively and list resources to other common applications and where to get the information on properly backing them up.

Applications that DPM natively supports protecting:

Below is a list of the applications that DPM can protect right out of the box (with the proper licensing.).

  • SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010:

  • Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010:

  • SQL 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008:

  • Hyper-V:

  • Dynamics AX 2009: (Whitepaper is for DPM 2007 but should be the same for DPM 2010)

  • SAP (If it is running on Microsoft SQL server.): (Whitepaper is for DPM 2007 but should be the same for DPM 2010)

  • SBS 2008 and Essentials Business Server 2008: (Whitepaper is for DPM 2007 but should be the same for DPM 2010)

Applications that you can protect with DPM that it does not protect natively:

Below is a list of many applications that DPM can protect but the protection is not directly built into DPM. You will have to manually configure protection of the specific components needed to recovery these applications. A link is included to the TechNet and other articles so you can see what components are recommended to backup.

  • Backing Up Dynamics CRM :

4.0 ( 2011 (

  • Backing Up Lync Server 2010 :

  • Backing Up Forefront TMG configuration :

  • Backing Up Operations Manager 2007 :

  • Backing Up Configuration Manager 2007 :


  • Backing Up Virtual Machine Manager:

  • Backing Up Team Foundation Server:

  • Backing Up Remote Desktop Services (Terminal) Server:


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