DPM’s data protection is facilitated by the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Therefore VSS is the secret sauce. VSS is in OS’s and Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Hyper-V have their own VSS writers. Yes this may be old news as the VSS technology  has been around for some time but many IT Professionals still do not have a good understanding of VSS itself.

It is important for anyone working with DPM and even many other backup products out there to get a good understanding of VSS to know how the data protection is working underneath the hood. Microsoft has some  really good sites that explain VSS well. As a data protection protection pro it is important to go through these and become familiar with how VSS works:

  • Basic VSS Concepts


  • Common Volume Backup Issues


  • Troubleshooting VSS Applications


  • Volume Shadow Copy Glossary


  • Volume Shadow Copy Service Overview


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