Set SCEP Client to Update from Microsoft

There may be a need for System Center Endpoint Protection clients to update definitions directly from Microsoft Update vs. updating from your SCCM server. An example would be when you have remote users that are constantly moving around in the field.  Here are the settings to configure this:

  • You would go into client settings and set this to False.


  • Then you can go into the actual¬† Antimalware Policies and adjust the policy.


  • Here is where you would set the sources you want the client to be able to download and update from.


  • As you can see here you can select multiple sources or set just one. For example for your remote users you could set them up to only download from Microsoft Update.


Now clients that are assigned these settings will update directly from Microsoft Update. You can have multiple SCEP policies so that one set of policies can be assigned to always connected clients and another set of policies can be assigned to users in the field.

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