Deduplication for Microsoft DPM using Crunch

With Microsoft DPM 2012 RTM and SP1 protecting deduplicated data on Windows Server 2012 volumes is possible but there is no deduplication on the DPM storagepool. This is a feature that has been needed and requested in the community for some time. DPM administrators have wanted a way to shrink the storage footprint for their DPMs.


Now with BridgeSTORs newest product Crunch deduplication is possible on the storagepool...

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DPM backup to Azure Cloud!

My good friend Robert Hedblom just announced on his blog that with DPM Service Pack 1 Beta DPM will be able to backup to the cloud using Azure technology! This is exciting news as many people in the DPM community have been asking about DPM backup to cloud options for some time.

You can learn more about it on Roberts blog here:

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