Incoming SMTP blocked by ISA

I ran into an issue with my recently deployed ISA firewall. It was blocking any STMP incoming traffic. This made it so my Exchange users could send  email just fine but could not receive any incoming email. I checked the  Event Viewer and saw this: Event Type:        Warning Event Source:    Microsoft Firewall Event Category:                None … Read more

ISA 2006 blocking FTP traffic

My clients on my network could access FTP servers behind our ISA 06 firewall but they could not create or delete anything on that FTP. I checked to make sure the permissions on the FTP were setup correctly. I narrowed it down to ISA blocking Incoming FTP traffic coming back from the FTP servers. I did some searching and there are many issues out on this. Others issues vary slightly but I did find something that worked for me. I setup the below rule on ISA.

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The target principal name is incorrect.

The Issue:

We requested a new certificate for our website from a CA. We applied the certificate on the Internal IIS6 web server. I then exported the certificate including keys and imported onto our ISA 2006 firewall.

I then went into the publishing rule for our website and updated it with the new certificate.

When external users went to our website using https they got the following error:
Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The target principal name is incorrect. (-2146893022)

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