ISA 2006 blocking FTP traffic

My clients on my network could access FTP servers behind our ISA 06 firewall but they could not create or delete anything on that FTP. I checked to make sure the permissions on the FTP were setup correctly. I narrowed it down to ISA blocking Incoming FTP traffic coming back from the FTP servers. I did some searching and there are many issues out on this. Others issues vary slightly but I did find something that worked for me. I setup the below rule on ISA.

ISA FTP rule:

  • Action: Allow
  • Protocols: FTP (21 TCP Outbound /FTP Filter Disabled) – FTP Server (21 TCP Inbound /FTP Filter enabled)
  • From/Listener: Internal
  • To: External
  • Condition: All Users

I hope the above ISA rule is useful for someone else as well. Here is some more useful information when Troubleshooting Outbound FTP Access in ISA Server:

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