Setup & configure a certificate authority on Windows Server 2008

So you host a bunch of internal SharePoint sites, Websites and other internal web applications. You want to secure them with SSL but you cannot afford a certificate from a third party certificate authority right now.  I am going to walk you through installing a new CA, request a certificate, approve a certificate and then install a certificate.

CA Install:


Go to start and click on “Server Manager”

Select ”Roles”


Click on “Add Roles”


Select “Certificate Services” and click next


I typically choose “Certification Authority” and “Certification Authority Web Enrollment” and click next

NOTE: I choose the web enrollment so I can request certificates and download them from the web browser.

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Install certificate in Exchange 2007

 I recently had to renew my Exchange certificate as it expired. The original admin that set up this Exchange bought the previous certificate from Digi. I decided to go with Startcom (Free SSL) as I have used them once before in an OCS deployment and they worked out well. Exchange is a little different in that you must use Exchange management shell (PowerShell) during the process of installing a certificate for Outlook Web Access (OWA). I am going to cover 5 steps to installing a certificate Exchange for OWA.

 To Open Exchange Management Shell: Go to START >>Programs>>Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 >> Exchange Management Shell


This is the management shell


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The target principal name is incorrect.

The Issue:

We requested a new certificate for our website from a CA. We applied the certificate on the Internal IIS6 web server. I then exported the certificate including keys and imported onto our ISA 2006 firewall.

I then went into the publishing rule for our website and updated it with the new certificate.

When external users went to our website using https they got the following error:
Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The target principal name is incorrect. (-2146893022)

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