Troubleshoot “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”

Have you ever setup a website in IIS and then you got this generic error: “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

This is what I got right after installing SharePoint server 2007, setting up a portal and trying to access the site. Here is what you need to do to get a more detailed error so you can fix the issue. You need change a couple of settings by modifying the web.config file of your website.

Here is how you can locate this file: Open IIS>>right click on your website and choose open>>In the right hand window pane you should see the web.config file>>right click on the web.config file and open it with notepad.

Press ctl+f  to bring up the search box type customErrors to find the line change it from “On” to “Off”

now search for CallStack change this from “false” to “true”

save your webconfig file refresh your web page and you will see a more detailed error. Don’t forget to go back into your web.config file and change the settings back. You don’t want visitors knowing internal information if the web site errors out again.

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