Restore Win 08 SystemState that was recovered by DPM 07

So you have your 2008 servers systemstate backed up by DPM 2007. Your server crashes and you need to recover. DPM 2007 does not give an option to recover to the server only to tape or a network share.


What do you from here? The answer is you have to actually restore the system state using Microsoft’s built in windows backup utility. There is another catch it has to be done via command line using WBADMIN. Here are the steps to recover a server using Windows 2008 Backup from the command line:

  • In DPM 07 recover the systemstate you need.
  • Copy the systemstate backup created by DPM 2007 to a share on your network or external drive. Be sure to move the WindowsImageBackup folder that DPM 07 recovered to the root of your share or external drive. If you do not move this to the root of your share or external drive the WBADMIN command wwill not work.
  • Load your server with a fresh OS and get it on the network so you can access share that stores your systemstate data. Be sure to install the windows backup feature on this server.
  • Now get the version ID of the systemstate using this command:

wbadmin get versions -backuptarget:\\server\sharename

  • Now go ahead and start the systemstate recovery use this command:

WBADMIN START SYSTEMSTATERECOVERY -version:<Version identifier> -backupTarget:\\server\sharename -machine:SERVERNAME THE SYSTEMSTATE WAS TAKEN FROM

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