My SharePoint IT Kit

Do you need to track equipment, software, and IP addresses in your IT department? These are a given. The issue is many IT budgets have been cut. Well I have had the same issue. There is a solution. If you have SharePoint 2007 you can use it to manage and track all of these things. If your company has not or does not plan to purchase SharePoint 07 dont worry. You can get Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 for free and you can manage track all of the above with it.

Download Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

I have made som custom lists that I use everyday in SharePoint to help out in my IT department. I am attaching them to this post to share with others admins out there. You can off course modify these once you have them added to your own SharePoint. These lists are:

  • Equipment Tracker: Use this list template for tracking equipment in an IT department.
  • Software Tracker: Use this list template for tracking software in an IT department.
  • IP Tracker: Use this list template for tracking IP addresses in an IT department.

Click to download my SharePoint IT Kit

These list templates are provided “As Is”. I assume no responsibility with use of them. If you find these lists helpful please sign up and leave a comment letting us know how they have helped you.

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