Access Window shares in OWA

You can access window network shares through Outlook Web Access (OWA).


You need to allow the servers you want users to access first or you will see an error. The error is:  For security reasons, Outlook Web Access is configured to prevent access to this type of document or folder. For more information, contact technical support for your organization.”


  • How to add server shares in Exchange:


Open Exchange Management Console and expand Server Configuration –> select Client Access Server.  Then right click on the OWA directory –> Select Properties.




On the Remote File Servers tab click the Allow button to configure the server/s with the shares.





In the Allow List window type in the server name you want your users have access to. Click add to add it to the list and click ok.


  • How to access the file share/s in OWA:

Go to your OWA site it will have a URL similar to this


On the lower left hand side click on Documents



On the upper left hand side click on Open Location




A window will pop up. Type the UNC to the server share you want to access like in the picture.




Once you click open you will see all the files/folders in your share and will be able to access them right through OWA.




You can also add this to your OWA so you don’t have to type the UNC in every time you login. To do add

this share to your favorites just click on Add to Favorites.




Now the next time you log into OWA and click on Documents you will see this share already listed under Favorites.


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