Free Virtualization clinic

Micro Center puts on free technology clinics. Here is a good one on Virtualization that is coming up. This one is in Minnesota located at 3710 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 on

Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25


2:00 p.m.
Access multiple operating systems by:
    » KVM switch box
    » Multiple hard drives
    » Windows® Start Menu
    » Boot managers
    » Virtual machine
How To multiboot using:
    » System BIOS
    » Windows® Boot Manager
    » Apple Boot Camp
    » Virtual machine software
A brief overview of:
    » Apple VM software
    » CrossOver Parallels Desktop
    » VMWare Fusion
Windows VM software:
    » Virtual PC
    » Windows® XP mode (Windows® 7)
    » Sun Virtual Box

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