System Center Center Essentials 2010: Cannot initialize report.

When trying to access “Essentials Reports” in System Center Essentials (SCE) reporting you get this error: Cannot initialize report. This error is because your System Center “Run As” account does not have SQL select permission on the SUSDB database.

To fix this you simply need to give this account the proper permission. To do this follow these steps.

  • Logon to your SCE server or SQL server that hosts your “SCE” instance.
  • Open SQL Management studio>>>open the SCE instance>>>locate the SUSDB database.
  • Right click on the SUSDB database and chose properties.
  • Click on Permissions on the left hand side. You should see your “Run As” account listed here.
  • Highlight the “Run As” account and scroll down in the Permissions for “DOMAIN\USER” until you see “Select”. Check the box under Grant and then click ok.

NOTE:Your “Run As” account should also have Grant permission for Connect as well. If this is not checked please check it.

Now go back to System Center Essentials and try to run any of the Essentials Reports now. They should all now work.

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