Publish DPM Alerts to Windows Event Viewer

I recently ran across a thread on DPM TechNet forums with a topic on how to access DPM alerts.   They wanted to monitor DPM errors and events. You can use a third party tool to do this or you can use System Center Operations Manager/Essentials .

If you have the option to use System Center to monitor your DPM I recommend this as it does work pretty well. In my environment I  use System Center Essentials 2010 to monitor DPM alerts. The first step to monitoring your DPM server is to make sure you publish the DPM alerts to the Windows Event Viewer. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the DPM Administrator console
  2. Click on “Action” on the top bar in DPM
  3. Select “Options
  4. Click the “Alert Publishing” tab
  5. Click the “Publish Active Alerts” button
  6. Click ok


This will send your DPM alerts to the Windows Event viewer on your server and either SCOM/SCE can access them from there or a third party systems monitoring tool. You will find the alerts in Windows Event viewer under “Applications and Service Logs”. You will see “DPM Alerts” and “DPM backup Events” (Note: if you want backup alerts you need to publish them as well) listed here.


Here are links to error codes and the DPM  troubleshooting guides:

Here is a link to a good article by David Allen (System Center MVP) on

“Monitoring DPM using SCOM”

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  1. I have a question. I am using DPM 2010 and I do not have the option to “Publish Backup Events” nor the DPM Backup Events event logs. I am using DPM 2010 version 3.0.7707.0.

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