Backup Academy: VMware & Hyper-V backup certification

Today I became Backup Academy Certified in VMware & Hyper-V backup.

Backup Academy Certification

Backup Academy is an online training and certification resource created and powered by Veeam. Veeam is a virtualization backup software company. Backup Academy has an online certification test that you can take it is much like other certifications requiring 70% or higher score to pass.

Backup Academy has 8 training videos by IT industry experts. These videos cover the basics of backup, backup of virtualized environments, VSS, Windows Server Backup, VMware backup tools, best practices for backing up VMware and Hyper-V environments, and more. It does not cover DPM but Backup Academy will have more content when they update in the future. Maybe they will add Data Protection Manager to the training and certification at some point!

Here are the experts that have contributed to the training and certification on Backup Academy:

clip_image001Greg Shields: Greg holds both Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert status and is a senior partner at Concentrated Technology.

clip_image002David Davis: David holds VMware vExpert status as well as Cisco CCIE and VMware VCAP credentials. David is a popular blogger, author and expert in the virtualization community.

clip_image003Elias Khnaser: Elias holds VMware vExpert status and is the CTO at Sigma Solutions. Elias has authored a number of books on IT certifications and is a popular blogger on a number of websites.

clip_image004Eric Siebert: Eric holds VMware vExpert status and a number of IT certifications. Eric has authored several books and is a popular blogger.

clip_image005Rick Vanover: Rick holds VMware vExpert status and a number of IT certifications. Rick is a popular blogger and podcaster.

This certification is a good indication that you as an IT Professional understand the basics of backup. I recommend this training and certification for anyone that works with data protection. It is good for the beginner and a good refresher for experienced backup admins.

Here is the Backup Academy  website:

Here is a blog post with more information on the academy and certification: VEEAM Post on Backup Academy

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