On-premise SharePoint & Office 365 Cloud Hybrid

Thinking about moving your SharePoint to the cloud? If Office 365 is on your list of cloud options but you are not sure you can do a Hybrid solution. This allows you time to evaluate SharePoint on Office 365. There are many other reasons to consider a on-premise/cloud hybrid environment but you need to know the "got-chas" of doing this.

Here is a quick list of a few common things to consider when looking at a Hybrid.

  • How will i deliver a consistent look and feel across on-premise and the cloud? This especially needs consideration if you
  • have customized the look and feel of your on-premise SharePoint.
  • My on-premise SharePoint look and feel is customized, does Office allow me to make the same customizations on their platform?
  • Seamless authentication across both on-premise and the cloud, What does it take to implement Active Directory Single Sign on?
  • How will search work across both environments?
  • Do I require certain features in SharePoint that are not yet available in Office 365? Do I need these features across both platforms?
  • Will legal or compliance reasons need me to keep certain data local?
  • I run third party SharePoint tools, can I deploy this on my Office 365 SharePoint?
  • I allow email relay from my on-premise SharePoint to send email through my email server, Can I allow email relay from Office 365 SharePoint to my email server?

Microsoft has published a whitepaper that will outline the "got-chas" you should look out for. Here is a link to that whitepaper.


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