System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Uninstall Cleanup

When you uninstall System Center Configuration Manager 2012 it could potentially leave behind some components on your SQL server.  You will need to ensure these are removed before you can start the install of a fresh System Center Configuration Manager 2012 or you can run into issues.

Here is the list of what to check:

SCCM 2012 Database:

  • Delete your old SCCM 2012 DB from the SQL server.

SCCM 2012 Local User and Groups on SQL Server:

  • ConfigMgr Remote Control Users
  • ConfigMgr_DViewAccess

Registry Key on SQL server:


SCCM 2012 Service on SQL Server:

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6 thoughts on “System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Uninstall Cleanup”

  1. Hi there,

    As i understand, this guide is on how to cleanup after uninstall.

    Do you know\have guide on how to uninstall and remove properly SCCM 2012 Server?, including SCCM 2012 clients?

    My goal is to uninstall SCCM 2012 Server and after that reinstall it properly.

  2. Hi,

    There is nothing special to the uninstall just make sure to check the items in this blog post after the uninstall of SCCM 2012.

    To uninstall just do this through add and remove programs on the server/s in your site. For the agents you can run CCMSetup.exe with the /Uninstall on the client machines. Here is a link:

    Another option to uninstall is to load the SCCM Right Click Tools. You will be able to uninstall the SCCM client from machines within the SCCM console this way.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for the fast reply.

    My concern is that after i will install the new SCCM Server, i will have clients that still have SCCM client on their machines, with the old site code of the older SCCM Server. then probably i will have problems installing the new client with the new site code.

    Is there any way for me to check and verify that all clients was removed, without going one by one and check?


    Do you know when SCCM 2012 SP1 will be release for production?

    Thank you for helping,


  4. Hi Steve,

    Thanks again for the quick response.

    i’ve installed the Right Click tools, and noticed that it extended my menu.
    Unfortunately, when i click on the client tools-> uninstall SCCM client option,
    nothing happen and on the workstation side the client was still installed.

    I have to note that the client activity status is inactive – like most of my clients.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your kindly help,


  5. Hi Itay,

    Apologies on the delayed response. Not sure if you are still having this issue or not but it sounds like you have some client health problems you need to resolve. Sounds like the clients are not reporting back to the SCCM server. The right click tools will be of no help until that is fixed first. It may require a little more digging to get to the bottom of that and unfortunately it wont be easy to troubleshoot through the comments here. Ping me offline or leave your email address if you are interested in further help.

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