Simulate low disk space to trigger SCOM alert

Here is another tool that can be used to help you tune or demo SCOM. This tool is called Philip and is a disk space filler.

This tool can be used to fill up space on a hard drive so an alert can be triggered on SCOM. The speed at which this tool generates the space will save you time from having to copy data to a hard drive and delete it. What the tool does is creates a temp file of whatever size you specify and it does this very fast. It is safe if you forget to delete the file because when the server is restarted the temp file will go away.

Here is what the tool looks like:


The tool is simple to use just input the amount of free space you want remaining on the hard drive, click recalculate and then click create file. It will generate the temp file at the size of the “Required temporary file size”. You will notice in the screen shot the name of the temp file and where it is stored by default.

You can download the tool here


or here

Philip from my blog

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