New SCORCH tool – Custom Designer Startup

I received an email today from a SCORCH guru about a script that he recently made for Orchestrator. He made this available for download today. The tool allows you to select a SCORCH server when launching designer.  His name is Mark Monson and here is the official description on what the tool does.


We all know that the Runbook Designer always connects to the server you were last connected to, and has no built-in memory of servers you’ve used.  I finally got tired of running the designer, disconnecting, then reconnecting to the environment I wanted. So, I wrote a little PowerShell script that pops up a basic input box to choose the environment, and then launches the designer.


It can be downloaded here from TechNet Gallery:


I thought I would share this on my blog. I will definitely be using it in the future.

Thanks for sharing Mark!

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