Updated DPM-save-create-Config Script for 2012

I have updated the DPM-save-create-Config to work with DPM 2012 SP1/R2. The script can be used to save your DPM settings to an .xml file and then import the settings in from that .xml file.

This script was originally created by a Microsoft employee Ruud Baars (Rest in Peace). If you don’t know who Ruud Baars is go read about him here: Rest in Peace, Ruud Baars. He is responsible for a lot of the tools and information we have for DPM today.

The DPMsaveConfig.ps1 script has been updated to work with DPM 2012 SP1/R2 and

was renamed to DPMsaveConfig2012.ps1. It still contains DPMcreateConfig and that works with DPM 2012 SP1/R2.

When you run DPMsaveConfig2012.ps1 it creates a DPMsaveConfig.XML in the same folder it was run from. For example if you run it from C:\Tools\DPM-save-create-Config-2012 the .XML file will be created in the C:\Tools\DPM-save-create-Config-2012 directory.


Then when you run DPMcreateConfig.ps1 it will automatically search for the DPMsaveConfig.XML and import the DPM settings from here.

Run both DPMsaveConfig2012.ps1 and DPMcreateConfig.ps1 from the DPM management shell.

You can download the scripts from TechNet Galley Here:


Thanks to MVP Flemming Riis, Enrique Lima, and John Brodhurst for testing the scripts.

NOTE: These scripts are FREE and un-supported. They should be tested in a lab environment before using in any production environment. Use at your own risk.

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