Backup Summary Report Update v2

So recently Sebastien Weiland reached out to me and wanted to help update the DPM Backup Summary Report. A HUGE THANKS to him for diving in and looking at the tape issues and time issues. The report has been updated. Here are the changes:

  1. The report has been changed from UTC time to local time. So now the time on the report will match up exactly to the time of the recovery points in the DPM console. See the following screenshots:

In the DPM console:


On the report:


  1. Tape information is now showing properly in the report. Protection Groups with Disk +Tape will show data or Protection Groups with only Tape will show in the report. You have the option to select only tape or disk + tape as shown in the following screenshot.


Here is a screenshot of the full v2 report.


This is the perfect example of community coming together to work on a solution that benefits all! I have not had the time to dive in and adjust the SQL to resolve these few issues so Sebastien volunteered to take this on with me testing and verifying things. I want to give one more thanks to Sebastien for helping out. More info about him: Sebastien Weiland is the Head of IT at a Hospital located France. His LinkedIn profile can be found here: 

Here is a link to download the v2 report:

Happy Reporting!

NOTE: This is a community report. This report is not officially supported by Microsoft. Use at your own Risk. It is still recommended to use the official Microsoft Enhanced Reporting. Check out this link for a post on the DPM Enhanced Reporting:

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to create this!! It is very useful. We have backups to Azure as a secondary copy. Is there any known reporting that could tell me what jobs complete to Azure? Again thanks so very much!

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