Update: Custom Service Request Area (CSRA) v3

Back in 2014 I published a management pack (MP) named Custom Service Request Area (CSRA) v2 for Service Manager. The CSRA MP gives you a custom Area list for Service Requests. Here is a link to the original post: https://www.buchatech.com/2013/10/custom-service-request-area/.

I recently updated this management pack. I reduced it from two MP files down to one MP file and added 15 generic user inputs to this. With the v2 version of the CSRA MP admins had to customize the Service Request form to add their own generic user inputs. This required modifying the CSRA MP to modify the form. I added these user inputs so that admins will no longer need to do that.


Here is the link for the updated MP. CSRA is now v3.


Also in this blog I want to call out the process I commonly use to build the request area list. I use a tool from a talented colleague of mine Rob Plank named the Enum Builder. This is a GUI based tool that can be used to create a list in an MP file that can be imported into Service Manager. It creates the MP file from a CSV file that you populate. This makes building lists in Service Manager very easy.

The Enum Builder can be downloaded here:


Here is a blog on how to use the tool:


Ok now onto using Enum Builder with the CSRA management pack. So building the list for the CSRA is slightly different compared to other MP’s. With the CSRA MP you need to know some key pieces of information. These are:

Enum MP ID: ServiceRequestAreaOverwrite


PublicKeyToken: b0ee85f41e7f3f91

These are highlighted below in a screenshot of the Enum Builder tool.


You also need to make sure you have the correct value for EnumerationValue ID in your CSV file. You will want to use “RequestAreaCustom” for this. Here is a screenshot of an example CSV file.


So to sum this up. Build your CSV, fill out the fields in the Enum Builder tool, create your list MP file, import into Service Manager and you will have your own custom area list for Service Requests.

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1 thought on “Update: Custom Service Request Area (CSRA) v3”

  1. Thank you so much for providing this management pack. This is very helpful. I imported this management pack in our dev and prod system and started to use its custom user input fields from past 2 months. Since it is not using default service request area, we are having issues in reporting. So I tried to hide the custom area and make the default one visible, seal it and import the management pack. It gives the error message as shown below. I do not want to delete this MP because many other are dependent on it (user inputs are being used). Please advise me how I can delete/hide custom area and use the original area and import the MP without any issues.

    Error message:
    The form base is not valid. Form CustomForm_761f42a7_165b_4c1d_8d72_832a88e4ad1b extends form Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Applications.ServiceRequest.Forms.ServiceRequestForm, which already has another extension (CustomForm_761f42a7_165b_4c1d_8d72_832a88e4ad1b).

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