Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

This year’s summit was one of the best MVP summits I have been to since being a Microsoft MVP! I focused on Azure, Azure Stack, containers, and orchestration platforms. That’s about all I can say about the summit. Everything else is NDA!

On top of all the learning at the summit it was great connecting with other MVP’s and the Microsoft teams. This I can share. Here are some highlights from the summit in pictures:

It was full of cool stickers starting off with one for the 2019 MVP Summit.

Here are a some of the core CDM MVPs in front of building 92 including Bob Cornelissen, John Joyner, Janaka Rangama, Jakob Svendsen, Sam Erskine, Cameron Fuller, Robert Hedblom, Dieter Wijckmans, and others.

Here I am with Josue Vidal an MVP from Brazil.

With John Joyner scoring some OneNote swag.

Hanging with the CountryCloudboy Kristopher Turner learning about Azure stuff.

With some of the CDM MVPs (too many to name) Bradley Borrows and Tracey Cummings from Microsoft.

Another one of the many stickers. This one is from the monitoring team.

With Eric Berg, Bradley Borrows, and Sam Erskine.

I was waiting for these set of stickers the entire summit. Some cool Azure management stickers. Thanks Joseph Chan, Satya Vel and team.

Had a chance to meet the legend Mark Russinovich who also happens to be the CTO of Microsoft Azure!

With MVPs Kevin Greene, Jakob Svendsen, Dieter Wijckmans, and Niklas Akerlund.

And finally dinner with Microsoft MVP’s who work for Avanade and Avanade’s Executive, Global Digital Lead!

Overall the future of Microsoft, cloud, and specifically Azure looks great. It feels good to be the Microsoft space. Everything else is NDA…NDA…NDA

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