Guest on the Tech.MN Podcast

Recently I was a guest on The Tech.MN Podcast (@TECHdotMN). This is a podcast for tech in Minnesota. Kevin McArdle and Jac Stark are the hosts and set out to tell the stories of the individuals that make up the Minnesota Tech Community.

I was on episode 16. This was fun show with Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital (@Kevin_McArdle) & special guest host, Bri McCullough Network Systems Engineer at Target and community rockstar (@BriLimitless). On this episode we discussed my journey in Tech, being a Microsoft MVP, Community Power, Impostor Syndrome, Diversity In Tech & more!

Here is the tweet they dropped about it:

'Everyone is at different stages and we all have value to 
add.' @buchatech drops some significant wisdom on 
The Podcast today. A big thank you to our 
special guest host @8riLimitIess for stepping in! 

You can check out more here on the site here:


Listen to the full episode right here:

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