Protecting SharePoint 2010 with DPM 2010

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DPM 2010 is an optimal backup/restore application for SharePoint 2010. Here are a few reasons why DPM is a good solution for protecting SharePoint 2010:

  • DPM is aware that it’s backing up SharePoint. This means it knows about all the transactions that are occurring during backup and therefore you get a more consistent backup of the data.
  • DPM can protect SharePoint search.
  • Automatically protect new content databases when added to your SharePoint farm.
  • DPM is light with low I/O when it is backing up SharePoint getting only the changes during protection meaning your production environment will not take a performance hit.
  • DPM will let you perform item level restores of SharePoint objects such as SharePoint sites, documents, lists, and other objects.
  • One of the best reasons is that with the release of SharePoint 2010 a recovery farm is no longer required to perform restores, DPM 2010 takes full advantage of this feature so that you can perform a restore without a recovery farm right from DPM to your SharePoint.

Lets take a look at how you would start Protecting SharePoint 2010 with DPM 2010. Before you can backup SharePoint with DPM the configurations and prerequisites have to be met. We are going to cover these requirements as well as the steps to protect your SharePoint environments.

Here are the steps to start protecting your SharePoint environment.

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