“Building a REST API in JavaScript with Express” – my 18th Pluralsight Course Published

Another exciting announcement for the new year. I have published my 18th course with Pluralsight. This one is a JavaScript course. It is titled “Building a REST API in JavaScript with Express“. This is my first course in 2023. This course will teach you how to utilize JavaScript and Express to build a REST API for your web app.

Most business apps need to communicate with other internal or external apps and APIs are the most common way to do this. Knowing how to build a REST API is a much-needed skill. And JavaScript is typically in the top 5 programming languages year after year according to StatisticsTimes Top Computer Languages report, so it makes sense that knowing how to build a REST API in JavaScript is even better. This course is suitable for Web Developers, Developers, Project Managers, DevOps Engineers, programming students, cloud professionals, and anyone who needs to build a REST API or learn more about JavaScript.

In this course, Building a REST API in JavaScript with Express, you’ll learn to build a REST API. First, exploring REST APIs, JavaScript, and Express. Next, you’ll learn about JavaScript-based REST API project structures. Finally, you’ll learn how to build REST APIs with JavaScript and Express and test with Postman/curl.

Some of the major topics that are covered in this course include:

  1. A journey into the REST API Tech Stack.
  2. How to set up a REST API Project including how to plan, design, & structure your REST API in JavaScript.
  3. A walk-through on building the REST API, including the REST API code so you can practice.
  4. Guidance and demos on how to test your REST API using Postman and Curl.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a better understanding of REST APIs, JavaScript, Express, REST API project structures, and how to actually build the REST API with JavaScript and test it using CRUD operations.

Check out the “REST API JavaScript“ course here:


This will be my 1st JavaScript course in a new JavaScript path on Pluralsight. The JavaScript path will be full of additional courses taking you from zero knowledge in JavaScript to an expert. This path has a variety of Pluralsight authors building courses with some of the most well-known authors. I will post a link to the path when it is live. In addition to this REST API course, I will also be authoring a course on how to build a web app with JavaScript and enhance the performance of your JavaScript web app. Keep an eye out for those in the new future.

Also keep an eye out for me utilizing JavaScript and Python apps in my work with Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in the form of talks, demos, blogs, articles, and more.

I hope you find value in this new Building a REST API in JavaScript with Express course. Be sure to follow my profile on Pluralsight so you will be notified as I release new courses

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