Configure and Use Remote Control in SCCM 2012

As with SCCM 2007 SCCM 2012 offers a Remote Control feature to connect to client computers. This is helpful for administrators or a help desk team so they can use the SCCM 2012 console to remote control client computers and troubleshoot problems. I wanted to put together this step by step post on getting this setup. To configure the Remote Control feature in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 you need to.

  1. Enable the Remote Control Settings in your client policy

To do this follow these steps:

    • In SCCM 2012, click Administration.
    • In the Administration workspace, click Client Settings.
    • Right click on Default Client Settings and chose properties.
    • In the Default dialog box, click Remote Tools.
    • Configure the required remote control client settings.


    • Click OK to close the Default Settings dialog box.

2. Sync the SCCM policy on your clients

The next time your client computers sync up to SCCM 2012 automatically they will have Remote Control enabled. You can force this now on a client to test. Do this by going through the following steps:

    • On the client go into Control Panel.
    • Click on System and Security.
    • Click on Configuration Manager.


    • Click on the Actions tab.
    • Select Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and click the Run Now button.


That will sync the policy with SCCM 2012 right away.

3. Ensure traffic can flow through

Now in order for Remote Control to work the following ports need to be allowed through the firewall if one is running on the client.

    • TCP port 2701
    • TCP port 2702 (This is listed as required but I have been able to get this to work without this port.)
    • TCP port 135

It is also good to check that your client is actually listening for the ports. To check this run this in a command prompt:

netstat -a

Again this will list the ports the computer is listening on.

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