Sugar CRM savePath error during install

I ran into the following problem when installing Sugar CRM Community Edition 5.0.0f on a shared hosting server:

Session Save Path Setting The session.save_path setting in your php configuration file (php.ini) is not set or is set to a folder which did not exist. You might need to set the save_path setting in php.ini or verify that the folder sets in save_path exist.

Note: Your php configuration file (php.ini) is located at: (The error should tell you right here where it is located on your server)

To solve this issue I had to create a PHP file. I called it tmppath.php and placed one line in it:

<? ini_set(‘session.save_path’, ‘/home/myusername/tmp’); ?>

Once you have created the above PHP file go edit line 48 of the install.php file and add this line to it:


After doing the above steps rerun your install and you should be able to finish up the install. 🙂

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