Install SugarCRM on a shared server

I am going to give detailed instructions on installing SugarCRM in a shared server environment. For this article we will be using Sugar Community Edition. Note: some things may differ depending on your shared server environment.

My environment consists of:

  • Platform: Linux
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language: PHP

First go to to download the latest release of SugarCRM.

Create your MYSQL database. We will call our database sugar1.

Create or choose a domain name that will be used to access your SugarCRM once it is installed. We will pretend our domain name is .

Copy the SugarCRM files that you just downloaded from your computer onto your web server via FTP. Be sure to copy these files in the root directory for .

Check and set platform requirements and configurations before installing. My platform and configuration was already set to go. You can see what these are here: .

Now you can install SugarCRM using the sugar setup wizard. To access this type this URL in a web browser: . You will then see the setup wizard pictured below.

Accept the license agreement

The wizard will then do a system check to make sure the platform requirements and configurations are ok.

This is where you put in your database settings. In this example you would put in sugar1 for the DB name and username.

Here is where you will put the URL of your SugarCRM. in this example we would use: You will also need type in an admin password.

If you need to change the default language, date format and or currency do it here.

Confirm the settings and click next.

The wizard will perform the install and let you know when it is done.

Now you can go to and log into your SugarCRM.

FYI… SugarCRM will also run on Windows, Mac, and Solaris platforms.

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