Backup your SugarCRM

The backup tool in SugarCRM does not work at all when in a shared server environment.

I have a better way to backup your SugarCRM that works. To restore your SugarCRM you need to restore the database first and then restore your SugarCRM files. Here is how it works:

First you need to export your full database. (I use MySQL) You do this from PhpMyAdmin. In order to reach it you have to log in your Cpanel, go to MySql databases and click on the link to PhpMyAdmin.

Exporting the database is easy. On the left side choose your SugarCRM database. Then click the Export tab. Next select all the tables. From Structure options check also Add DROP TABLE. Name the file and choose to zip if you want. Click Go and you’ll download a SQL file. Now you have the MySql file needed for backup. This file is your database.

You can restore your backup by importing the downloaded sql file you have into an empty database or into a SugarCRM database of the same version. In order to do that we go again to PhpMyAdmin and choose the database we’ve specified to use with our SugarCRM. Then click on the SQL tab and from the second menu browse to the sql file you downloaded onto your PC then click Go. After the query runs it should show successful and your database should be populated with your data from your backup.

Now that we have gone through backing up and restoring the database lets cover backing up and restoring the files. The easiest way to do this is to copy the whole folder containing your SugarCRM files from the server to your local computer through ftp. Now to restore your SugarCRM you just copy back the files from your computer to the server in the proper directory.

That wasn’t to bad. This is a sure way to backup your SugarCRM. I have done this many times and tested restore. Works like a charm.

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