Microsoft MVP for 6th year!

Today was another special July 1st becuase I received an email from Microsoft stating I was awarded as an MVP for the 6th year! Here is the email:

This year the award is VERY special. It is not just special becuase it is the 6th one but becuase there are other MVP’s that did not get renewed. I feel lucky to make it back in. Also it is special becuase Microsoft technology has been changing so much. This can change the direction of your career and also the focus of technology that you dedicate your community time on.

Over the past year I have made a conscious effort to shift my focus and more and more of my time to Azure, Azure Stack, and OMS. I have not lost focus on System Center but I knew it was time to shift with the change. Also I have noticed that more and more roles in the market have also made this shift asking for skills in the aforementioned areas. I am still working with ITSM, but I am doing it in the context of cloud intergration, cloud management, and using it as a part of CloudOps and to be the underpinning of operations for DevOps.

Once again I am humbled and feel blessed to be in the MVP program this long. I hope to continue to add value and remain an MVP.

As always a huge thanks goes out to everyone in the community and Microsoft.As I shift focus to new areas of technology I will continue to work with and be in touch with old friends and make new ones in the community. The future looks bright and I am looking forward to another exciting year of contributing to the community.

I will continue to do all that I can in the Azure, Azure Stack, OMS, and System Center community this year.

My Microsoft MVP Profile:

Congrats to all the other new and renewed MVP’s!

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