Install and Configure System Center Essentials 2010 Part 2

~ How to Configure System Center Essentials 2010 ~

We already covered How to install System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE2010) in part  1:

It has been a while as I had to find the time to draft this post. In part 2 we will cover basic configuration of SCE2010. As you already know SCE2010 is a combination of several System Center products so there are a fair amount of settings that need to be configured. When you first open up SCE2010 a wizard opens that you use to configure it. Here is the list of what is in the initial configuration:

  • Group Policy Settings (Use Local or Domain Group Policy)
  • Computer Discovery (A scheduled job that adds new computers to SCE2010.)
  • Email Notifications (What email server and account is used to send out notifications.)
  • Proxy Server
  • Monitoring Configuration
  • Error Monitoring and Forwarding


  • Microsoft Updates (Update Languages, Update Classifications, and Update Deployment)

Here is a screenshot of the initial configuration wizard.


In this post we will basically go through the options in the wizard and some other basic settings you may want to configure.

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