SCRIPT: Schedule Maintenance Mode SCOM 2012 R2

I know scheduled maintenance mode functionality is coming to SCOM 2016 as shown here. However I have clients that are still on SCOM 2012 R2 that need to schedule maintenance mode in SCOM right now. There are options out there for this already the best solution is a tool called SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler . It has a small fee but is well worth it. Sometimes I have clients that would prefer to run a script vs. pay the fee for a tool especially when this is coming to SCOM 2016.

There are a bunch of scripts out there for this but most are old and or don’t work. I have been using my own script to do this for a while. I recently updated it and have decided to share it. I run this script from Windows task scheduler. It could also just as easily be scheduled to run from Orchestrator, SMA or Azure Automation. I will put the download link at the end of this blog post. This script will put a SCOM group in maintenance mode. It also sets the duration in minutes but can easily be changed to hours.

Here is the PowerShell script:

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Tech Reviewer of New SCOM 2012 R2 Book

I was fortunate to be a Technical Reviewer on another System Center book. This one is about Operations Manager 2012 R2. It is titled Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Cookbook. Authors include a fellow System Center MVP Steve Beaumont ( | @StevybSC ), a colleague of mine Chiyo Odika ( | @MrChiyo ), Jonathan Horner, and Robert Ryan ( Here is a screenshot of the cover:


It contains 50 recipes that you can use with your SCOM deployment. The recipes in this book will help you:

  • Optimize SCOM
  • Build out monitoring for business applications, infrastructure and more
  • Work through tuning
  • Build and use dashboards along with reporting
  • Author management packs using MP studio or Visual Studio
  • Overall gain deeper insight into your SCOM environment

The book can be found here:

and here:

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Whitepaper – Service Management’s Role in the Private Cloud

I am happy to announce that today Savision just published a new whitepaper authored by me. It is titled:

Service Management’s Role in the Private Cloud
Dispelling the Myopic Perception


This whitepaper sets out to define Private Cloud, the layers of Private Cloud, and those layers within which service management operates.

The whitepaper also explores having ultimate visibility into your organization’s business services. Business services discussed in this paper consist of configuration items (CIs), monitoring, and application maps; they are underpinned with incident, change management, and modern day self-service. In addition, the whitepaper explores the integration between Operations Manager and Service Manager, and the role Savision Live Maps Unity plays in this area. Here is an excerpt from the whitepaper:

“Technology needs of the business are changing, often faster than can be addressed by most internal IT departments.

It is critical for IT departments to shift away from the image of black box cost centers and slow moving dinosaurs that are hard to work with and become viewed as revenue-generating centers that are agile, fast moving, and business enablers with modernized IT services.

From the perspective of internal IT, there are some key steps that can be made to prepare and deliver “modern IT services” – with service management being a critical component of those services. This whitepaper explores these key steps from a Microsoft technology perspective as it applies to System Center.”

A huge thanks to both Kerrie Meyler and Sam Erskine for doing the technical review on this whitepaper!

To download visit:

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